2018 Trends: Box Office Breakthrough

January 2, 2018
/   Audience

It’s a challenging time for movie studios. Movie attendance in theaters continues to decline as consumers are faced with more content options across more consumption platforms. With so much content fighting for consumers’ attention,...

Your Marketing May Be Suffering From an Identity Crisis

December 6, 2017
/   CRM

As buyer journeys become more self-directed and digitally led, knowing each customer’s unique story is crucial to reaching them and getting your marketing right. But identity matching is one of the industry’s biggest challenges....

Considering DIY CRM? Beware the Job Hopper

November 27, 2017
/   CRM

You’ve seen the Martech Landscape Supergraphic with more than 5,000 tools listed on it, and hundreds crammed into the box labeled “CRM.” You might even have thought, “This is so overwhelming, I’ll just hire...


July 26, 2017
/   Community

On a beautiful Saturday morning in June, nearly 50 Epsilon/Conversant associates dedicated their time, energy and sweat to making a difference by participating in Chicago’s largest day of community service – the Chicago Cares...

CRM Builders Beware: Don’t Fall Into the DIY Trap

June 14, 2017
/   CRM

Is there anything more gut-wrenching than a remodeling project gone wrong? We’ve all watched home improvement shows and thought “I’m smart. I can do that!” In reality, do-it-yourself projects can be far more difficult...


June 1, 2017
/   Ad Quality

Brands are more concerned than ever about the publisher content next to their digital ads—and whether the impressions they’re paying for are actually viewable (and by humans). To ensure that these needs are being...


March 29, 2017
/   One-to-One Marketing

One of the things I find most interesting about working in digital advertising is that I’m a consumer of the very content I’m generating. My fragmented, even erratic digital existence is emblematic of today’s...


March 7, 2017
/   Case Study

Staples sums up its customer experience in one phrase: “make more happen.” But fragmented tech solutions prevented them from finding and reaching their customers online. With a previous vendors’ match rate of just 40%,...


September 29, 2016
/   Epsilon

If digital marketers want to make an impact, they know they need to recognize their customers across all their devices and channels, in order to deliver consistent, compelling experiences. I’m not just saying that....

How Transparency Can Help Solve Ad Quality

August 11, 2016
/   Ad Quality

Ad quality is a hot topic for digital marketers, who are hunting for ways to improve viewability and ensure brand safety. But the hardest to solve may be ad fraud. The Association of National...


October 1, 2015
/   Behavioral Targeting

Conversant just took home the Mobile Media Summit award for Best New Technology/Publishing Platform for Mobile. A glance at our numbers makes it clear why we came out on top: We accurately reach over...

Understanding Personalization

January 22, 2015
/   One-to-One Marketing

A study conducted by market research and insights company Ad Perceptions and Conversant revealed that 73% of agency and brand-side marketers agree that personalization represents the future of digital. But if you spend any...

Kepler Shines at DMA Innovation Awards

October 13, 2016
/   Awards

When the Creative Technology team at Conversant set out to bring game-changing innovation to the personalized video space through a mix of HTML5, ExtendScript and Angular, we weren’t doing so in order to win...

Conversant Knows How to Have Fun

January 21, 2015
/   Culture

It’s no secret that during Q4 at Conversant, things can get a little hairy, with holiday client campaigns, Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday madness and everything in between. But, we do our best to...

How Conversant and FIA make every second count

March 4, 2015
/   FIA

When a child is abducted, a tornado warning is issued, or a regional alert is declared, spreading public awareness is essential as precious minutes and seconds can save lives. That’s the driving insight behind...

Demand Even More Than 100% Viewability

December 15, 2015
/   Ad Quality

If our industry had a buzzword bingo card, “viewability” would be on it. It dominates our daily conversations, overshadowing other important factors that are required to ensure true ad quality. Conversant has been at...


In its first year, the Chicago Creative Space Awards was filled with formidable contenders, all vying for the title of coolest and most creative office space in Chicago, and Conversant is proud to announce that we took home the hardware in the 41,000-75,000 square foot category.

Built in 2012, the three-floor office was designed to foster creativity and encourage cross-departmental collaboration which is reflected in its “loft-like” appearance, common of many technology companies. All private offices were developed for maximum efficiency to serve as meeting rooms when they were not in use and leftover corridor spaces were developed as “scrum areas” where teams could gather in bleacher-like seating and project in-progress ad campaigns. “The Chicago office provides the subtle inspiration to collaborate more effectively, think bigger, and work harder every day. The space has fostered a culture of productive creativity that energizes our team and further elevates our work,” says Christine Schufreider, Client Development Specialist.

Drawing on several of Chicago’s neighborhoods for further inspiration (Wicker Park in particular), the office features repurposed timber beams, exposed ceilings, concrete floors, industrial lighting and colorful furniture and artwork that collectively strike a balance between modern and rustic. Account Executive Alejandra Phillips put it quite succinctly: “Plain and simple, I love my office!” This seems to be the consensus amongst Conversant employees in the Chicago office.

“We’re extremely proud of this recognition especially considering all of the great companies in our category. An office setting that fuels creativity and productivity allows us to deliver better results for our clients and enables us to secure the best and brightest people in the industry,” said Ric Elert, President, Conversant. “We are committed to creating opportunities for top talent in Chicago and maintaining a culture and setting that our employees and clients take pride in.”

Click here for a video tour of Conversant’s award-winning Chicago office. The official press release can be viewed here.