March 29, 2017
/   One-to-One Marketing

One of the things I find most interesting about working in digital advertising is that I’m a consumer of the very content I’m generating. My fragmented, even erratic digital existence is emblematic of today’s... Read More

Personalization and Segmentation

January 23, 2015
/   One-to-One Marketing

In an increasingly dynamic digital environment, mass marketing approaches just don’t cut it. Today’s empowered consumer needs – and expects – to be engaged with highly relevant messages. The more a message reflects an... Read More

Understanding Personalization

January 22, 2015
/   One-to-One Marketing

A study conducted by market research and insights company Ad Perceptions and Conversant revealed that 73% of agency and brand-side marketers agree that personalization represents the future of digital. But if you spend any... Read More