by Kurt Hawks October 1, 2015   /   Behavioral Targeting

Conversant just took home the Mobile Media Summit award for Best New Technology/Publishing Platform for Mobile. A glance at our numbers makes it clear why we came out on top:

  • We accurately reach over 90% of iOS and Android users.
  • We communicate with 155M verified consumers across an average 3.4 devices, daily.
  • To better understand consumers, we process 80B online events per day.
  • With $500 billion in transaction-based data, we match each device to a single, anonymous user profile.

With the power behind this platform, we achieve 95% matching accuracy vs. an industry average of ~50%.

Want to try it out for yourself? Take the Consumer Relationship Challenge, and we’ll show you how we can recognize and reach your audience better than anyone. If we don’t win the challenge, your next campaign with similar budget is on us.

Learn more about the challenge here.


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