Conversant Talks Millennials At Adapt Conference 2015

by Scott Young March 18, 2015   /   Events

One of the most important ways that Conversant and its premium video solution, SET by Conversant, add value for both agency and brand direct clients is via audience and viewership insights that go deeper than standard syndicated research in the digital video industry.

As part of our effort to further the growth and importance of digital across the full spectrum of marketing, Conversant recently delivered an insights presentation about Millennials at the debut session of the Adapt Conference, held February 22-24 in Scottsdale, AZ. The session focused specifically on the behaviors of a vast sample of Millennial consumer profiles.

To conduct this analysis, SET by Conversant examined the device ownership and content consumption habits of 10.7 million anonymized profiles for men and women between ages 18 and 34. The research was conducted in two phases:

  • Phase One: Analyzed the device ownership habits and user behaviors of the entire sample across all of their activity.
  • Phase Two: Collected video viewership information across more than 20 million video ad views.

Below is a summary of many of the more interesting findings from this major Conversant research.

“Connected by Commerce”
We leveraged Conversant’s exclusive “Connected by Commerce” methodology to deterministically identify which devices belong to each specific individual represented by one of the 10.7 million anonymized Millennial profiles in our sample. “Connected by Commerce” uses anonymized transaction data from across thousands of retailer data integrations to pinpoint which devices are owned by which persons. For example, if an individual makes a purchase using two different devices using the same account/shipping information, those devices are determined to be connected. In addition, Conversant uses login data from participating publisher partners to further grow its cross-device profiles pool and increase matching accuracy. In our view, this dual methodology delivers greater accuracy than using website logins alone. This has been verified by comparing our device ownership data to CRM databases of leading retailers. In those tests, our data have been shown to be at least 92% accurate.

Device ownership
Against our massive audience sample, Millennials averaged 3.4 connected devices each. 80% owned a smartphone as at least one of their connected devices. These figures are consistent with recent research against the Milliennial population from comScore and others.

Buying Behavior
With more than 4,000 retailer clients, Conversant is a leader in driving online and offline transactions for its clients. Throughout the test period, we observed and analyzed an average of more than 3.3 million transactions per day across our Millennial sample. Against the total online population, Millennials were:

  • 7X more likely to make entertainment purchases like buying tickets online
  • 9X more likely to buy computers and computer software online
  • 5X more likely to buy clothes online
  • 2X more likely to make wedding-related purchases online
  • 1X more likely to make consumer products purchases online

Android versus Apple
Across our sample of more than 10 million, Millennials were shown to be twice as likely to access content from iPhones as from Android phones.

Key Dayparts
Versus the general connected population, Millennials were more likely to be online on weekdays and in the early evenings.

Content Preferences
The most popular types of content for Millennials are represented in the graph below:


Viewing Habits
As part of its video ad targeting approach, SET by Conversant conducts individual level video analysis, which categorizes millions of videos based on an automated classification system that uses facial recognition, scene analysis and motion detection.

The company also targets against highly specific audience characteristics like demographics, lifestyles and life stages using Conversant’s 300M+ rich anonymized consumer profiles. By analyzing each individual video at this level of granularity, SET by Conversant can deliver precisely calibrated advertising programs to advertisers. This approach also enables us to offer insights on the most engaging content types for specific audiences like Millennials.

During the project, the following types of videos showed the highest video completion rates (VCRs) among Millennials. The average video completion rate in the industry is 68%.

Videos about certain individuals can highlight whom the audience is very engaged with. The following individuals showed the highest levels of engagement with the Millennial audience:

  • Matthew Stafford – 85% VCR
  • Darren McFadden – 83% VCR
  • Mark Zuckerberg – 82% VCR
  • David Wilson – 82% VCR
  • Jennifer Lawrence – 81% VCR

Interest in videos related to the Super Bowl and CES was highest among the 18-34 year-old audience for the period:

  • Football/Super Bowl – 87% VCR
  • Tech Shows/CES – 82% VCR
  • Rock Music Shows – 82% VCR
  • Basketball – 80% VCR

TV Programs
Similarly, different TV shows showed a large range in completion rates, with the following shows enjoying the highest engagement:

  • Saturday Night Live – 86% VCR
  • Game of Thrones – 85% VCR
  • National News – 84% VCR
  • Orange is the New Black – 82% VCR

Naturally, we reserve many audience insights for our client base, but these facts should give you a greater sense of the Millennial market and what they care about. Future posts will deliver insights about other population segments of particular interest to advertisers.





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